Kunisawa's Ultimate Craftsmanship

These high-quality notebooks have been created in the pursuit of a superior paper feel and an unrivaled writing touch. Copper gilt edge processing ensures a remarkably long life. Give form to your inspiration using the invigorating fragrance of ink and paper as smooth as silk.

紙の質感、書き心地のよさ O K フールス

英国人作家コナン・ドイルが19 世紀に発表した推理小説、「シャーロックホームズシリーズ」の中でもイギリスの「フールスキャップ」という紙がしばしば登場します。これが「フールス紙」のルーツと言われています。


Paper Quality. Unrivaled Writing Touch. OK Foolscap

Britain's foolscap paper is relatively well known, having even made appearances in the English novelist Arthur Conan Doyle’s 19th Century Sherlock Holmes Series time and time again.This is said to be the origin of "Foolscap paper."

Foolscap paper is not used for printing. Because it is created specifically for writing, this extraordinary high-quality paper is meticulously manufactured through more processes than other wood-free papers specifically designed for printing.



Copper gilt edge foiling ensures a remarkably long life.

Copper gilt edge foiling not only further enhances the high-class feel, it also extends the life of notebooks significantly by preventing the paper from discoloring and shrinking, thereby enabling long-term preservation.